Results in a short renovation or maintenance period

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Sports fields are used intensively during the season. When renovation or major maintenance is needed, there is only a short time to do this. Minor maintenance should also be done some time between June and September. This is a challenge when you have many sports fields in your portfolio. How do you make sure all these sports fields get off to a flying start? Send us a message Back to overview

The best start for planting grass

For example, in the case of a renovation in which grass is being reseeded, it is important that this grass is given a good foundation. Once you have chosen the soil composition and species of grass, you can give the germination an extra helping hand. By making the right amount of humic acids available, seeds germinate faster and the grass develops a very strong root system.

Fast and long-lasting results

Even if your grass has been ‘standing’ for a long time, iron (Fe) brings many benefits. With iron (Fe), you quickly provide visibly greener grass. In this way, you can be sure you will produce a beautiful green field at the beginning of the season. How does this work? Iron increases the production of chlorophyll. This also stimulates the photosynthesis process. This makes the grass turn greener without making it grow faster.