The most efficient way to fertilise

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An efficient approach to maintenance is indispensable when you maintain many sports fields. Staff planning, the weather and sports seasons all affect each other. Coated fertilisers, or controlled release fertilisers, are easy to use and only need to be applied once per year. Controlled release fertilisers can be part of an efficient maintenance plan. Send us a message Back to overview

Less fertilisation

With coated fertilisers, you drastically reduce the number of fertiliser applications. There are coated fertilisers that deliver nutrition for 6 to as long as 9 months. This means you only need to fertilise once per year! In addition, nutrients are often still available at the beginning of the next season.

Fewer growth spikes

Coated fertilisers that are sensitive to temperature as well as moisture only release nutrients during periods when the temperature is high enough for the grass to absorb the nutrients. This efficient use of nutrients ensures regular growth and eliminates growth spikes.